Wearing crappy cycling gear will put you on the fast track to a miserable ride.

bicyclingCycling isn’t like a lot of other activities. You can’t pinch pennies or you’ll pay for it dearly. How would you like to have sores on your bum, a back ache, sore shoulders, and calloused hands???

If you’re halfway normal, you’d really hate that. It’s just not worth it to go cheap, especially on your shorts or tights. Your shorts play a large role in the comfort of your bum. Your seat is also instrumental in keeping you comfy, but that’s pretty obvious.

What’s not obvious is the type of seat you should ride on to make sure you have a comfortable ride. Most people think they should get a seat with a thick padded layer, but that’s bum bum suicide. It’s counter intuitive, but you don’t want a soft squishy seat. The more give your seat has, the more it can irritate you. Go with a harder seat, or a thin layer of cushion at most.

The harder seats are smoother and cause less friction on your bottom. You’ll be able to ride for hours without a problem.

It’s also important that you get some high quality gloves. Your gloves will either make or brake your ride. If your hands are uncomfortable, your whole ride will one big drag. Your hands bear a lot of the weight when you ride your bike, so don’t underestimate their importance.

If you wear cheap gloves, they will get soaked with sweat and cause your hands to blister. Riding a bike with actively blistering hands is a horrible experience, trust. You want to wear gloves that will wick the moisture from your hands, not collect it like a valuable, scarce resource. It’s far from a scarce resource, that I can assure you.

To find a good pair of gloves, just search on Google for, “best cycling gloves” or something like that.